Electron-beam furnace for the other refractory metals
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We offer to supply multipurpose furnaces, individually designed in accordance with customer requirements. The figure shows the electron-beam furnace with one lateral flow device.

Figures 2-4 presents options for technical solutions to the electron-beam furnace for melting zirconium, vanadium, tantalum and niobium. 

EB furnace KV-04 (circonium)

EB furnace KV-15М (modernized, for titanium)


EB furnace С-3144 (vanadium)


EB furnace KV-09 (tantalum and niobium)


The contract for the supply of electron-beam furnace includes:

  • full technical documentation
  • equipment manufacturing 
  • delivery of the equipment to the site of the operation
  • installation of the equipment 
  • putting in operation 
  • Technical Supervision 
  • warranty service 
  • training of the personnel
  • supply of spare parts and consumables.


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